Month: January 2013

Ads of Yore

The world changes, but it does so slowly. But slow changes do add up over time, and sometimes when you wait long enough and look back, you’re stunned at how far you’ve come… The same is true in manipulation: go far back enough, and the manipulations of yesterday seem increasingly simple and transparent. Take women’s vote, for example. Women only got the right to vote less than one hundred years ago. A hundred years is not that long ago, and people like to talk about the pioneers that fought to give women the vote. But we tend to forget...

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Reality Show Roundup, 2012!

So here is our long-awaited yearly reality show update!! It is a week or so late, but let’s gloss quickly over that and see what the previous year brought us in terms of manipulative TV shows! First off, we’re lowering the rating on the Storage Wars show. Last year we gave it a 3, but since then it’s become more ‘fake’, apparently. One the stars of the show is suing it, and  new revelations have come to light around the producers planting items (which we knew about), scripting auctions (which we suspected), and even paying for plastic surgery for...

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