Month: June 2012

Sweet, sweet manipulation

This is a blog entry about sugar:Now, since this is not a condiment blog, why focus an entire blog entry on sugar, you ask? What possible dark manipulations could hide in the crystalline sweetness of sugar?   Well, a lot, as it turns out. For the last 100 years, the US administration and sugar growers have been playing a high-stakes game of manipulation worth around $3B a year, with several casualties as a result. So let’s dive in. Warning: you may never look at sugar quite the same way again after this post!   The core problem, you see,...

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Everyday manipulation (part 1)

It’s fun to talk about corporate manipulations or how some entities are slowly taking over the legislative process in the US, but sometimes it’s also fun to kick back and just look around to see some pretty basic – but cool nonetheless – manipulations around us. Hence, introducing the first installment of our Everyday Manipulation Roundup! Let’s start with a game that you all have probably played at one time or another. Most people know Monopoly. It’s a game that’s been around since 1935, and while Hasbro has always suggested that it was a game made by an unemployed...

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