Month: May 2012

The new model of lobbying

Lobbying is an old tradition here in Washington D.C. It is expected that when your public service ends, you will be handsomely rewarded by offering advice and access to senators and other legislators. It is the way of the world. Yet, some people looked at this system and said “it’s good, but can we make it better?” It’s nice to be able to influence legislators when a new bill is crafted, or even to help create a bill, but the US is a big place. It’s going to take forever to wait around until a bill comes around that...

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Manipulation Fail

Quick, do you know who this is? It is, of course, Barbara Streisand. Singer, and occasional actress, and one of the few winners of an Egot. She also has the dubious distinction of having a famous type of manipulation fail named after her, the Streisand Effect. You see, we spend more time on this blog talking of effective manipulation, but occasionally it’s fun to look at instances where manipulation has gone horribly, terribly wrong. And one of the more amusing type of these failures is the Streisand Effect. So what is it? It is basically a form of backlash....

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