Month: April 2012

You can’t spell Sports without PR… (Part 1)

As I’m posting this, the F1 race is finished in Bahrain: The race took place despite worldwide protests, at a massive cost to the Bahrain government. In the background of the stadium, as usual, smoke rose from tires, but this time the tires did not come from the race, but from barricades all around the city. Journalists covered the race, but many of them did so from other countries or from jail. It was, all in all, a bizarre day. So why do we care, since this is not ESPN? We care because this is a good example of...

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Cartel & Monopolies (price manipulation, part 3)

We haven’t talked a lot about corporate manipulations these last few blog entries. Let’s fix that, shall we? If you’re a corporation in the US, or Europe, or even China these days, you’re operating in a capitalistic, market-driven economy. The goal is to innovate, outmaneuver, and generally outwit your competition, and earn the commensurate rewards. For the winners, high stock prices and share options. For the losers, bankruptcy and failure. It’s, in many ways, a reality show on steroids. If you’re a corporation, though, all that competing and outmaneuvering sounds hard. Especially since everyone else is trying to do...

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