Month: March 2011

Price manipulations, part II

Hey folks! I’m back, albeit briefly! Part of the challenge of deciding what topics I cover on this blog is the trade-off between getting a clear picture of a manipulation, and finding ‘live’ examples to discuss. In general, talking about manipulations that are ongoing poses two problems – one is that, by definition, they are unfolding, and so not everything is known about it (unless one of the folks I know is working on it, but then I usually try to avoid covering it), and usually the impact of the manipulation is hard to gage. So I try to...

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Manipulation or Good Marketing?

The survey says:  Manipulation or Good Marketing? Marhalt is on the road, so, without further ado, let’s welcome one of our guest bloggers – he’s one of the country’s leading experts on marketing, which is a close cousin to many of the things we talk about on this blog! Marhalt is back next week with some thoughts on (real) conspiracy theories… Hey folks! Thanks for letting me guest write on Long time reader, first time writer! Several of the examples in this blog relate to marketing.  That shouldn’t be surprising.  The point of our work, marketing, is to...

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